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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Our Management Philosophy expresses the business objectives of the Yamato Group and the direction toward which we are working.

The Yamato Group helps enrich our society by enhancing the social infrastructure of TA-Q-BIN networks, creating more convenient services for comfortable lifestyles, and developing an innovative logistics system.

Corporate Stance

Our corporate stance expresses our core concept of carrying out the Yamato Group promise to strive to achieve our Management Philosophy.

The Yamato Group seeks to be profitable through fair and honest competition while respecting human rights and upholding the letter and spirit of laws and international regulations. We are working to become a company that continues to develop together with society by always acting with ethical integrity.

Pursuit of customer satisfaction The Yamato Group strives to provide high quality services and customer satisfaction. We are constantly challenging ourselves to create new innovations and services that help improve lifestyle conveniences.
Respect for life The Yamato Group regards human life with the utmost respect and endeavors to achieve safety.
The pleasure of work The Yamato Group seeks to be a corporation where each individual demonstrates autonomy and initiative and takes pleasure in their work. We are a company that encourages employees and their families to pursue dreams and possess pride in their work.
Adherence to laws and fair practices The Yamato Group upholds laws, social norms, and the letter and spirit of international regulations, while acting in fairness with the highest ethical integrity. Yamato Group shall thoroughly block the links to antisocial groups that are offensive to public order and morals.
A corporation trusted by the local community The Yamato Group carries out business activities as a trusted member of the local community, and assists and advocates for persons with disabilities.
Promoting environmental conservation The Yamato Group is aware that environmental initiatives are issues shared by all humankind, and is voluntarily and enthusiastically promoting environmental conservation activities.
Protection of personal information The Yamato Group has taken it upon ourselves to define our policy for handling personal and client information. We aspire to appropriately manage and safeguard privacy.
Communication and mutual benefits The Yamato Group extensively communicates with stockholders, customers, local community residents, partners, and employees to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship.
Disclosure of corporate data and accountability practices The Yamato Group is always working to accurately and promptly disclose corporate information with the aim of becoming a transparent corporation trusted by the public.
Response to allegations of corporate misconduct In the event of misconduct that violates the Yamato Group Corporate Philosophy, top management officials will personally clarify their approach toward resolving the issue and will investigate the cause to prevent its reoccurrence.

Employee Code of Conduct

  • 1. 
    Our role as a member of society
  • 2. 
    Action based on laws and ethics
  • 3. 
    Strict observation of workplace rules
  • 4. 
    Creation of a work environment that respects human character
  • 5. 
    Maintaining favorable relations with business partners
  • 6. 
    Providing the best possible service to customers

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