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Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. President Masaki Yamauchi

Yamato Holdings will have a history of one hundred years in 2019, and has made various innovations in the society.

Our first innovation was the “fixed route” service that allows us to transport goods along a defined route at the scheduled time, which started in 1929, ten years after our foundation. While it was common at that time to transport goods delivered to one customer by a chartered truck, we started to transport goods delivered to different customers by a truck. This new business model led to more convenience for customers. Our second innovation was the TA-Q-BIN delivery service started in 1976. The delivery services available to individuals in those days used either parcel post or the railway delivery system. This was very inconvenient because it was not sure when goods would be delivered, and there were no companies to offer a pickup service. TA-Q-BIN service was developed by Masao Ogura, President at that time, to solve this inconvenience. Since then, we have continued to create various services that had never been seen before in order to keep meeting customer needs, such as Ski/Golf TA-Q-BIN, Cool TA-Q-BIN, and TA-Q-BIN Collect. TA-Q-BIN has now become an infrastructure indispensable to our daily lives.

Our third innovation is “Value Networking” Design which started in 2013.By organically combining our original information, logistics and financial technologies (IT/LT/FT) with our domestic network of Haneda Chronogate, the Gateways in Atsugi, Chubu, and Kansai, the Okinawa International Aerial Logistics Hub, and the last-one-mile network extending to Asia, we aim to accomplish a reform in corporate logistics, as well as personal delivery services. Our goal is to contribute to Japan’s economic growth strategies by developing logistics as a “means of generating value”, not just “costs”.

Now Yamato Group and the logistics industry are approaching a major turning point. Faced with accelerated change such as increasing volume due to diversifying consumer behavior and the rapid expansion of e-commerce from private life to corporate transactions, a shrinking labor force, growing regional inequality and rapid technological development, the entire industry must respond as one.

While addressing these challenging issues, we will continue to provide good service that can be trusted by customers. We have formulated a new midium-term management plan, called “KAIKAKU 2019 for NEXT 100”, to ensure that Yamato Group keeps growing over the next 100 years.

Through this plan, we will rebuild our management foundation for continuous growth by creating an environment in which employees are enthusiastic about their work, putting work-style reform at the center of management to enhance Yamato Group’s original “inclusive management” concept and executing three types of structural reform: 1) delivery business, 2) revenue and business structure geared to achieving discrete growth and 3) Group management structure.

As part of the social infrastructure, we hope to be a company that continues to create new value for the good of society and people. Not only that, we believe that our mission is to fulfill the expectations of our customers and of society, find new needs created by the changing times and produce worthwhile services in response to them. We will, more than ever, strive to become the most loved and most trusted company in Japan and the rest of Asia by producing new value for the good of society and people.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance in the future.

October 2017
Masaki Yamauchi
Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd.

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