Questions about the Kuronekoyamato History Museum

Is there an admission fee?
Admission to the museum is free.
Can I take photos?
Photography and recording is prohibited except in certain areas.
Will children enjoy the museum? Is there an age restriction?
There is no age restriction, but children aged nine years old and under must be accompanied by a parent.
The exhibits are intended to be easy to understand for upper elementary school-age children and older.
Are the exhibits in foreign languages?
Audio guide devices that provide information in English and Chinese are available at some of the exhibits.
Verbal explanations provided by staff are in Japanese only.

* Availability of audio guides may be limited.

* Please note that if a reservation is made for a group (of 10 or more) or a guided tour, a tour may be available in English and Chinese, but this service may not be available for some hours or on some days.

Can I ask questions while viewing the exhibits?
Yes, you may ask questions.
Depending on the progress, it may not be possible to respond to all questions.
What should I wear to the museum?
You may wear anything you like. The structure has many steps and slopes so please wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking.
How long does it take to tour the museum? How long can I expect to be standing?
The basic guided tour takes 60 minutes.
We can arrange the tour to meet your require. If you view the museum unescorted, you may spend as much time as you like.
Seating is available in various sites in the museum such as areas where videos are viewed and in rest areas, so please share the seating.

Questions concerning Facilities

Questions concerning Reservations