Welcome to the Kuronekoyamato History Museum.

This museum was opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Yamato Group on November 29, 2019.

Throughout the Group’s 100 year journey since its establishment in 1919, our customers have always been with us, and provided us with valuable support.

As our customers’ lifestyles and the world around them have changed, the Yamato Group has changed as well and expanded its business.

Visitors are invited to walk with the Yamato Group on its journey, and reflect together on the paths taken by both visitors and the Yamato Group.

We hope you enjoy the Yamato Group’s 100 year journey from past to present, offered with all our sincere gratitude for our customers.

Kuronekoyamato History Museum

Floor Map/
Exhibit Area

You can relive the 100 year journey with each step as you proceed down the slope.

With the theme of “connection” in mind, Yamato Konan Building was constructed as a venue for interaction with customers.

A museum utilizing the slope around the building. The upper and lower sides of this slope are lanes and trucks run on.

History of the 100 year journey of the Yamato Group with its customers

  • 1919〜

    The early years

    The story of Yamato Group's founder

    The display introduces the early days of the company from its establishment, along with the transition of Ginza, where the company was founded. Exhibitions provide a glimpse of the business activities at that time, such as the vehicles and uniforms, as well as a sense of how the original ideas of Yasuomi Ogura as the company founder and a business person were created, which have been passed down to the present day.

  • 1928〜

    The Era of YAMATO COURIER and Business Diversification

    Creating new business ahead of its time

    The display introduces the background and structure of Japan’s first regular route transport service, and the diversification of post-war business. A replica of a sales office, advertisements, and other materials of Yamato used back in those days are also displayed.

  • 1971〜

    The Era of TA-Q-BIN

    Birth and growth of TA-Q-BIN

    We follow the trajectory of “TA-Q-BIN”, which saved Yamato from a management crisis, from its invention through to its establishment in people’s lives. It explores Masao Ogura's spirit of challenge and business administration, which led to the success of the TA-Q-BIN despite many struggles.

  • 2000〜

    The Era of New Value Creation

    Challenges with the future in mind

    The Yamato Group’s initiatives are introduced that continue with society and customers, including the new value of logistics created in response to diversifying needs and TA-Q-BIN evolving in response to changing lifestyles.