Commitment from Senior Management

Pursuing a Sustainable Society that We Hand Over to Our Future Generation Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative Director, Executive Officer and President Yutaka Nagao

The realization of a sustainable society is a tremendous challenge for the Yamato Group.
Amid harsh circumstances, such as disruption to global supply chains following the instability of the international situation and the impact of rising commodity prices, we must directly face and respond to climate change and human rights issues.
As a company that promotes sustainable management, we recognize that we have a mission: to be involved in changing the behavior of numerous business partners and customers and to lead the way in sustainable transport and business models. We have developed various measures based on our Sustainable Medium-Term Plans 2023, announced in January 2021, and are proceeding from the building of a foundation to the implementation phase.

In terms of the environment, in fiscal 2022, we announced our main measures, including the introduction of EVs and solar power generation equipment, to realize an initiative aimed at a 48% decrease in GHG emissions in 2030 (compared to fiscal 2020)*¹. This is a medium-term target aimed at virtually zero GHG emissions in 2050*¹. In a single fiscal year, we have steadily implemented our main measures set forth by this target, such as expanding the introduction of EVs and the use of electricity generated via renewable energy sources.
In terms of society, we are advancing initiatives that respect the human rights of working employees and the creation of systems for supply chain management by actively discussing social issues.
Additionally, we announced our endorsement of the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) in September 2022. While enhancing the sustainability of the Group by clarifying the business impacts of climate change and engaging in countermeasures focused on issues that have a significant impact, we will enhance corporate value by holding dialogues with stakeholders.

We will further promote sustainable management in fiscal 2023.
While to date there has been no global formula for calculating GHG emissions in logistics, we have been participating in the creation of ISO 14083:2023, a new international standard related to transportation-based GHG emission calculation. We are developing a tool for visualizing emissions based on this standard. By contributing to reducing the transportation-based GHG emissions of our customers, in addition to realizing sustainable logistics for the Yamato Group, this is expected to be a chance to further contribute to the sustainability of society and the environment.

Safety, respect for human rights, climate change, and resource conservation are urgent, rather than future, issues that can be changed through our daily actions. At the same time as improving transportation efficiency across the entire supply chain, we contribute to reducing our environmental burden through the awareness and actions of the approximately 210,000 employees of the Yamato Group.
In response to the harsh changes in the social environment, we will strive, together with our diverse customers and business partners, to realize a sustainable society that can be handed over to the future generation.

*1 Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

October 2023
Representative Director,
Executive Officer and President
Yutaka Nagao