Approach and Structure for Sustainable Management

Basic Approach

The Yamato Group interacts with customers and society for the realization of its management philosophy—namely, "Helping enrich our society"—and it has grown through these actions. As society faces urgent problems such as climate change and issues related to labor, human rights, and inequality, we believe that addressing these social issues and striving to solve them is our social responsibility.
To realize the environmental vision, "Connect. Deliver the future via green logistics," and the social vision, "Through co-creation and fair business activities, help create a society that leaves no one behind" laid out in the YAMATO NEXT100 medium- to long-term grand design for management announced in January 2020, we will accelerate sustainability initiatives to achieve sustainable corporate growth.
For more details about YAMATO NEXT100, please refer to Sustainability Strategies, Goals and Results.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. has established a dedicated department to promote and supervise sustainability for the entire Group. Sustainability personnel are also assigned to each Group company, to promote sustainability throughout the Group.

The Yamato Group Environment Committee and the Yamato Group Social Promotion Committee—which are chaired by the President, with membership consisting of officers (including Senior Managing Executive Officers and Managing Executive Officers) of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., and the presidents of the major Group companies—meet once a year to share information and deliberate sustainability-related issues.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

SDGs Initiatives

Yamato Group supports international efforts to create a sustainable society, such as signing the UN Global Compact in April 2014.

The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations in September 2015 are common goals for the international community toward 2030. The Yamato Group, will work to solve the pressing global social issues presented in the SDGs through its business activities.


* We indicate related SDGs in the "Environmental Initiatives" and "Social Initiatives"