March 1, 2017
BSI Group Japan K.K.
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BSI Group Japan (British Standards Institution) Issues International Standard PAS 1018 for Refrigerated Parcel Delivery Services

BSI Group Japan K.K. (Minato Ward, Tokyo; President: Taibun Igarashi; hereafter "BSI Japan"), based on the request of Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (Chuo Ward, Tokyo; President: Masaki Yamauchi; hereafter "YHD"), issued PAS 1018:2017 (hereafter "PAS 1018) for refrigerated parcel delivery services on February 28, 2017.

1. Background to Formulation of PAS 1018

Demand for refrigerated delivery services is increasing due to global economic growth and e-commerce expansion. Outside of Japan, however, these services do not always offer adequate quality. Wanting to improve safety and convenience for customers, stimulate regional economies and contribute to the healthy growth of markets related to refrigerated parcel delivery services, we engaged in a project to formulate PAS 1018. Japanese domestic refrigerated delivery service providers as well as a number of overseas organizations participated in formulating the standards.

Organizations Participating in Formulating PAS 1018 (listed in no particular order)

2. About PAS 1018

PAS 1018 applies to refrigerated vehicles-based refrigerated delivery services with an intermediate transfer. Focusing on temperature control of compartment such as the refrigerated compartments of vehicles, it stipulates repuirements for transfers during transport.

Main Contents of PAS 1018

3. Future Development of PAS 1018

Japanese logistics companies must take in Asia's abundant logistics needs and contribute to improving the logistics environment in places such as the ASEAN region by developing high-quality logistics systems overseas. As competition with overseas logistics companies intensifies, they must also establish competitive positions. For this reason, it is an urgent task to promote standards formation and international standardization of their high-quality logistics systems and to expand these overseas. In light of this, a public-private working group was established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in March 2016 for the purpose of promoting international standardization of logistics systems as one nation. It has met four times so far and PAS 1018 has been a central topic on the agenda as a leading example.

Working Group to Promote International Standardization of Japan's Logistics Systems

We aim for improved service quality and a society in which people sending or receiving parcels can use refrigerated parcel delivery services with confidence through logistics companies, especially in Asia, acquiring PAS 1018 certification.

4. Acquiring PAS 1018 Certification

Following the issuance of PAS 1018, BSI Japan will develop the necessary structure to operate a certification scheme to begin providing a certification service.

Yamato Group will prepare to acquire PAS 1018 certification.

5. About BSI Japan

BSI (British Standards Institution; hereafter "BSI") is a professional standards formulation organization that since its establishment in 1901 has served as the world's first national standards institution and as a founding member of ISO. It currently contributes to the activities of more than 64,000 organizations in over 150 countries. With the many British Standards (BS) developed by BSI having been used as the basis for ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/IEC 27001, it has the world's foremost track record.

BSI Japan was established in 1999 as the Japanese arm of BSI and mainly provides certification services and training courses for management systems and medical devices, among a wide range of standards-related services including support for standards development. It is the leading review institution in the industry, providing certification services for more standards than any other of Japan's more than 60 review institutions. It also provides PAS formulation and issuance services to clients in Japan and around the world. BSI Japan is the only institution offering PAS formulation services in Japan.

6. Other

(1) How to purchase PAS 1018:2017

Get it directly from the BSI SHOP (BSI's UK website)

(2) Press release on BSI Japan and YHD launching the project to formulate PAS standards for refrigerated delivery services (March 25, 2016)

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