Questions about tour contents

Do I need to pay for the tour? No. It is free.
Can I take photos during the tour? No. It is not permitted to take photos and video, or to record.
You may take pictures of outside.
Is the tour available for children? Do you have age limit for the tour? There is no age limit. Content of the tour is understandable for the upper grades of elementary school and up, but we have many small children coming to the tour.
For children aged 9 and under, a guardian must be accompanied.
Apart from Japanese, in which language are tours available? For those who make reservations through the website, the tour will be guided in Japanese but we offer audio guidances or subtitles that you can use. You can choose between English or Chinese.
For the exclusive tour for group of 20 or more individuals, please inform us when you make a reservation whether you want English/Chinese tour.
※In both cases, please let us know beforehand.
Is it possible to ask a question during the tour? Yes, but please understand that it may not be possible to answer all the questions for the sake of progress of the tour.
What do I have to wear? Is there a dress code? You can wear whatever you want. You will be staying inside the facility during the tour, which is air-conditioned and safe.
How long do I have to walk during the tour? The tour takes 80 minutes. There are benches where you watch videos. You may not be seated if it is crowded, so please make space for each others.

Questions about facility

Can I go in a wheelchair or with a baby stroller? Yes. You can take the tour with a wheelchair or with a baby stroller.
Is there a place to change diapers for babies? Yes. We have a multipurpose restroom. There is a diaper changing table in it.
Do you have parking space? For those who made reservation though internet, we offer parking lot in front of the main entrance but parking space is limited.
If you are coming as part of an exclusive group tour by bus, please tell us when you make your reservation. We will instruct you where the parking lot is.
Do you have parking space for bicycles or motorcycles? There are parking lots for bicycles and motorcycles which employees use, but we cannot assure you that it will be vacant or not. Also, we are not responsible for any troubles such as robbery.
Can I leave my bag or suitcase somewhere during the tour? Yes. We have lockers you can use for free. Also you can check your big luggage in the cloakroom.
Is there a place to eat? We are sorry but we don’t have one.
You cannot use our company cafeteria.
Can I buy any souvenir of Yamato? Currently we do not sell any souvenirs.
Can I use any conference rooms? No. you cannot use our conference rooms.
Do you have smoking rooms? Yes. It is located in the tour course.

Questions about reservation

Can I join in the tour on the day without a reservation? You can join if there is vacancy. Please call us so we can check it for you.
How do I change the date or time of tour that I booked? Please cancel the reservation that you made, and make a new one. You can do it until the day before reservation date.
Is it possible to change the number of people that I booked? When you want to add more people: Check if there is still vacancy, then make a reservation of increased number of people.
When you want to reduce: Please call us.
Do you offer preview for the group tour? In the case of preview, please come to regular tour. You have to make a reservation for it through the internet.

Other questions

Can I get brochures before the tour? We will hand out brochures at the beginning of the tour on the day.
You can download it ahead on the website.
Do you accept interviews for the media? Please call us first, and then send us the proposal document.
We will contact you back after consideration.