By car

Address: 3-1 Matsushita-cho, Ibaraki City, Osaka
If you use GPS navigation system, please set “1-1 Matsushita-cho, Ibaraki City, Osaka” for address.
・Right turn is not allowed at the West Gate of Kansai Gateway, so please enter via left turn.
・Please drive at 8km/h within the premises.
・We are not responsible for any troubles.
・There are limited parking spaces.
  If you are not able to find an empty space,
  please come to the reception and we will tell you the way to the nearest coin-operated parking.
  *The parking fee may be paid at your expense.

By train or bus

Address: 3-1 Matsushita-cho , Ibaraki City, Osaka

About 10 minutes by bus from Ibaraki Station on the Tokaido Main Line

Exit through the ticket gates, and go down the stairs on the right.
[Hankyu Bus Route 80 or Route 83]
 Board the bus from bus-stop number 9, and alight at “Chuo Toshokan Mae”.
[Hankyu Bus Route 82]
 Board the bus from bus-stop number 10, and alight at “Chuo Toshokan Mae”.

About 13 minutes by bus from Ibaraki-shi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line

Exit through the North ticket gates, go down to the first floor, and turn left. Cross the pedestrian crossing to the bus-stop, and take a bus on either Route 82 or Route 83 from bus-stop number 2 for Hankyu Bus.
[Hankyu Bus Route 82]
 Alight at “Chuo Toshokan Mae”.
[Hankyu Bus Route 83]
 Alight at “Chuo Toshokan Mae”.

By bicycle or on foot

・There are parking lots for bicycles which employees use, but we cannot assure you that it will be vacant or not. Also, we are not responsible for any troubles such as robbery.
・Visitors coming by bicycle or on foot may not enter via West Gate.