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Company Precepts

The Yamato Transport Company Precepts established in 1931 incorporate a variety of worthy lessons of value both now and in the future. We regard these Company Precepts as the spirit that launched the company and will continue to pass on the vision and qualities of our predecessors that formed the premise of the Yamato Group.

1. We 'all' represent the company 2. We deliver with a personal touch 3. We work with gratitude and politeness

The Basic Spirit of the Precepts

1. We 'all' represent the company

The Yamato Group is a company that was established based on the concept that people present a greater asset than money and equipment. Our employees are regarded not simply as "human resources," but as individuals who benefit the company. Above all, we respect the individual. Each employee's ability to provide balance, cooperation, cohesiveness, and symmetry strengthens the Yamato Group. Our employees demonstrate the independence and initiative encompassed in the idea, "If I don't do it, then who will?" Each individual recognizes that their behavior must reflect their responsibility and role in representing the Group through their interactions with customers and partners.

2. We deliver with a personal touch

The fundamental business of the Yamato Group is transportation business. Just like railway, telephone, gas, and water services, the delivery of goods is a highly public operation indispensable to society. Through our transport services we take possession of our customer's (sender's) personal sentiments, and it is our aim to speedily and accurately deliver the packages entrusted to us with a sense of responsibility, goodwill, and sincerity.
To do so, it is important that every Yamato Group employee always possess an attentive and eager attitude that asks, "What can I do to bring the customer more satisfaction?" That kind of initiative translates to improved performance that promises lasting growth and success for our company.
At the same time, Yamato Group employees must constantly strive to revise and improve our distribution network to streamline operations. It is also imperative that we prevent all accidents. Achieving this requires that the company and all employees continuously learn and work together.

3. We work with gratitude and politeness

Every Yamato Group employee is engaged in a highly public service indispensable to society, and must always ask himself or herself, "How can I be useful to society and people's lives?" At present, the important responsibility that Yamato group employees have been charged with is to take the capabilities we have been given and improve them by enhancing quality. Therefore, each and every employee must adhere to high moral principles (courtesy and moderation), and as a member of society, must strictly observe all laws and ethics. Employees must make every effort towards self-improvement and self-growth.

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